Save Our Loddon Valley Environment

Protect our already stretched environment from further development in the Loddon Valley.
I hope you agree - this vital artery has helped us maintain our sanity and purpose over the past months of lockdown.
Once gone it can never be recovered.

The open countryside has no equivalence with so called green space within a development - When was the last time you cycled round a football field?

How to Donate to the Campaign

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for supporting SOLVE in our campaign to preserve the Loddon Valley. This could be a long battle which, to mount an effective campaign, will need financing.

We are aware that several supporters have offered money towards our campaign. One supporter has said he will donate £500 if nine others also donate this amount. That has already begun. All donations, however large or small, will be treated in the strictest confidence.

You can donate via bank transfer:

Account Name: SOLVE
Bank Sort Code: 20-05-00 (Barclays Bank)
Account Number: 23034607.
You can also donate via Cheque, payable to "SOLVE" or by cash.

Please contact Peter Bloyce by email – for details.

Concrete should not be the only view for our children

Our children do need homes to thrive but also the green open countryside to breathe and unwind!

Instagram feed

The River Loddon as it leaves the village of Old Basing, heading North towards Reading and Wokingham and the Thames.

#SOLVE #SaveOurLoddonValley Environment #ChalkStream #Hampshire #RiversOfEngland #SaveItBeforeYouLoseIt
The River Loddon.

Even from height you can see how clear this chalk stream is.

#SOLVE #SaveOurRiverLoddonEnvronment #ChalkStream #Hampshire #RiversOfEngland #Basingstoke #OldBasing
Life in the Loddon Valley is still very dependent on season, as it has been for hundreds of years. With of course the exception of motorised and powered tools. Here a farmer is cutting grass for Winter animal feed. 

#LoddonValley #SOLVE #SaveOurLoddonValleyEnvironment
The clear chalk stream that is the River Loddon, runs from Basingstoke to the Thames. Its a unique environment in many ways and needs protecting.

#ChalkStream #HampshireChalkStream #Basing #Basingstoke #Rivers

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The Loddon Valley

Come join us in protecting our beautiful